Frequently Asked Questions

What is formwork?

Formwork is the structure used in concrete construction as a temporary mold in which concrete is poured and then formed.

What will Doka be doing at this facility?

  • Administrative
  • Customer Support Services
  • Engineering
  • Warehousing
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Will it have an impact on air or water quality?

Doka is committed to the health and safety of our employees, our community, environmental sustainability and eco-friendly processes. Doka is not a concrete producer, therefore we do not create any respirable dust particles. To clean any concrete residue that maybe left on formwork panels after returning from a jobsite, the panels are brought into a warehouse and placed into an enclosed power washing station. The use of the water washing method ensures concrete residue and hardened loose particles are not released into the air. Water quickly washes away this residue and the hardened particles off the formwork in a safe and controlled manner. The water drained from cleaning off the formwork is contained within the building. Any debris remaining from this process contains no dangerous toxins and is collected in a drain trap for proper disposal. This is comparable to washing a car at a car wash, with the exception that no chemicals or hazardous substances are used in our cleaning process – only clean water. Our trucks will not drive through any residential area and they do not carry any hazardous materials. We follow safe cleaning guidelines using proper techniques and comply with state laws.

How will the move to Wallington impact our community?

Our projects in NJ, as well as our work in other states, create New Jersey state sales tax revenues. As we build our new office and warehouse structures, we will create jobs during the construction process. We plan to not only transfer the current jobs in Little Ferry, but also add jobs in warehouse and office staff. Wallington suffered a considerable blow when the Farmland Dairy closed, resulting in 325 layoffs. The move to Wallington will bring job opportunities to residents.

Our 165+ employees in NJ contribute to the local tax base, and we intend to support local restaurants, small businesses and Wallington community events as we have done in Little Ferry the last 49 years.

What does Doka do to promote sustainability?

As a construction equipment supplier, we are a partner to the adjacent neighborhood. Our employees often live there. Doka’s goal is to be as sustainable as possible with all our materials and practices. Renting Doka’s products saves energy resources as well as raw materials.

Logistics is a vital factor for ideal construction site implementation. Doka plays its part with international logistics hubs. With close proximity to customers, we ensure high availability as well as flexible and fast delivery to construction sites. Furthermore, short delivery paths reduce CO2 emissions in the long term.

What does Doka do to promote safety?

User safety is another top priority at Doka. This was the reason for establishing Doka Safety, an important initiative aimed at developing heightened awareness of safety-related issues as part of comprehensive safety training sessions on customer job sites and at all Doka facilities. After all, safety motivates construction site workers to perform at maximum levels and reduces the risk that in a worst-case scenario the construction site comes to a standstill.

How can I find out about career opportunities at Doka?

Find out about the latest career opportunities by visiting our website.

Who is Doka?

Perhaps the biggest misconception centers around who we are and what we do. We are a construction equipment supplier of formwork and safety systems. Most of our work is done in an office or on a forklift loading a truck.

What are our plans?

Our plans are to build an administrative office and two warehouse structures for our formwork and accessories business.

Is Doka a responsible neighbor?

We have great respect for the environment around us. Doka’s reputation has always been responsible and respectable. We have an excellent record with regards to meeting and even exceeding applicable codes and regulations and our goal is to make a safe and healthy environment for all our employees and neighbors.

How would our facility blend in with the neighborhood?

Doka has facilities throughout the United States and most are located near residential areas. We make every effort at all our sites to ensure none of our materials or operations are visible from any local roads or residents. Anyone driving by will only see a modern office building with trees and shrubbery. We believe in aesthetics and want our facility to be as visually appealing as possible to us, as well as to our neighbors. Our facilities are designed to preserve property values.

Can train access in Wallington be accommodated?

We have made provisions in our plans to create access through our property to Donald Nuckel’s property and to a potential new train station. We have also proposed to give a portion of our property to the town of Wallington for their use as a train station parking lot or any other use the town may need, at no cost to taxpayers.


"We look forward to our upcoming
conversations with the Borough of
Wallington and the community. We have exciting plans and anticipate a long relationship with our neighbors as well as contributing to the local economy."

Markus Weiss
Managing Director/CFO, Doka