Our new home in Wallington


Proposed design of office building at 520 Main Ave., Wallington, NJ 07057

In June 2016, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority approved Doka USA Ltd.’s Grow New Jersey grant application for $3 million as an incentive for the company to stay in Bergen County.

Creating opportunities

Doka has committed to transfer 165+ employees to Wallington with the intent of adding over 50 employees. The move involves our purchase of the former Farmland Dairy facility consisting of numerous buildings, complete remediation of all existing environmental issues and redevelopment of the property with brand new modern facilities.

Part of the community

"As a construction equipment supplier, we are a partner to the adjacent neighborhood. Our employees often live there. Doka’s goal is to be as sustainable as possible with all our materials and practices."

Mike Lagace,
Northeast Area Manager

Practices that are sustainable and safe

Doka is committed to the health and safety of our employees, our community, environmental sustainability and eco-friendly processes. We offer a variety of formwork services for customers, including reconditioning, repair and cleaning of formwork. Doka is not a concrete producer, therefore we do not create any respirable dust particles.

To clean concrete residue that may be left on panels after returning from a jobsite, the panels are brought into a warehouse and placed into an enclosed power washing station. The use of the water washing method ensures concrete residue and hardened loose particles are not released into the air. Water quickly washes away this residue and the hardened particles off the formwork in a safe and controlled manner. The water drained from cleaning off the formwork is contained within the building. Any debris remaining from this process contains no dangerous toxins and is collected in a drain trap for proper disposal.

This is comparable to washing a car at a car wash, with the exception that no chemicals or hazardous substances are used in our cleaning process – only clean water.

We follow safe cleaning guidelines using proper techniques and comply with state laws.